The New UM Library Website

Capture-011b This is a sneak preview of the new UM Library website.



Part of this design is moving from static pages to a content management system. Please have a look around and let us know what you think.

10 thoughts on “The New UM Library Website

  1. I tried to sneak around for the preview, unfortunately it is not available on Saturday 2.19pm. Cannot wait to actually see the changes to UM Library website, even though no longer a student there.

  2. Had a sneak preview of the site. It is highly interactive and does have a lot of relevant information for the many different users of the library. However, the font size should be bigger for ease in reading and quick scrolling.

  3. Quite impress to see the weblog, but can the font size be bigger? is too small and the font color is too light.
    the library is more lively now!
    Good try

  4. A brand new image for UMlib!
    A step closer to the modern library concept,
    especially for the weblog, it provides a platform for user interation
    It’s a breakthrough amongst the university libraries in Malaysia. Congrat!

    p/s: Hopefully drop box and self-check machine can be prepared in the future for the convenience of the users.

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