The new cataloging standard @umlib, the RDA (Resource Description and Access)

The Cataloging  and Metadata Division provides access to scholarly materials in the UM Library collection to support research, teaching and learning in the UM community by organizing, describing, and providing effective, accurate tools that assist our clients in locating information resources of value to them.

As of April 1, 2014  the Library has implemented Resource Description and Access (RDA), a new library cataloging standard replacing Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR2). RDA focuses more on the end user and assist users to find, identify, select and obtain the resources the want. RDA cataloging will lead to more user-friendly bibliographic records in the search results that are easier to read and interpret because the data reflects a more exact representation of the resource.

—– AACR2 Cataloging record



—- RDA cataloging


Zaharani Aiyub
Head, Cataloging and Metadata Division
University of Malaya Library
5th June 2014.

About Zaharani Aiyub

  • As Head, Cataloging and Metadata Division, my primary responsibilities are quality control of the bibliographic records to ensure the adherence to the international standards and provide accurate information and efficient intellectual access and retrieval to materials for catalog users; and also perform original descriptive and subject cataloging for various library materials in a variety of languages and subject fields.
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