Preparing citations in academic writing

What is a citation? A citation is a reference to a specific book, periodical or media item. It leads a reader to the source where the information can be found. We need to provide proper citations in order :

  • To acknowledge the original authors
  • To provide evidence that reports are supported by valid facts
  • To avoid accusations of plagiarism
  • To serve as a guide for other researchers

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What is EndNote?

  • EndNote is a bibliographic management software used to organize bibliographic references as well as to create a bibliography or reference list
  • It is freely available to all staff and students of University of Malaya and can be downloaded via a fixed line from
  • Currently EndNote X7 is being used.
  • Steps in EndNote includes :
    • Inputting referencse manually
    • Importing references directly From Online Databases and the internet
    • Citing and creating a list of Bibliographies in Microsoft WORD

How to use EndNote