The Management of The University of Malaya Library

The UM Library is managed by a team of senior librarians headed by Dr. Nor Edzan Che Nasir, the Chief Librarian. She is assisted by Mr. Mahbob Yusof, the Acting Senior Deputy Chief Librarian who replaced Dr. Janaki Sinnasamy who retired on 4 September 2015. There are three Deputy Chief Librarians and one Acting Deputy Chief Librarian – Ms. Pauziaah Mohamed, Datin Komodhi Dhanaraj, Ms. Sutarmi Kasimun and Ms. Koh Ai Peng. Two other senior librarians make up the remaining members of the management – Mrs. Maziah Salleh (Head of Information Skills Division) and Mrs. Ratnawati Sari Mohamad Amin (Head of Za’ba Memorial Library).

The management meetings are held monthly at the UM Library. It is here that policies, problems and decisions are deliberated and discussed. The operation of the Library is guided by the following:


To transform the University of Malaya Library into a world‑ranked library, consistent with UM’s aspiration for world ranking.


In support of the University of Malaya’s global mission, the Library provides professional expertise, diverse information resources, and knowledge-based services for the advancement of its quality research, teaching and learning.

Organisational Values

  • We deliver value by anticipating, studying and responding to the changing needs of our user.
  • We leverage technologies to provide the best services in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • We are committed to creating an inviting environment that supports research, teaching, learning, innovation and collaboration.


Blog 2 pic1

Meeting in progress

Blog 2 pic2

The Chief Librarian and the Acting Senior Deputy Chief Librarian

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