Ikhtisas Academic Forum 2015

The Academic Forum is a platform of knowledge sharing among librarians to increase understanding of the latest issues pertaining to librarianship and the library. It is a formal activity and held regularly. Librarians who have attended conferences are required to provide feedback in the form of presentation with other librarians as the audiences to share the knowledge as well as their experiences. The forum provides an opportunity for these issues to be openly shared and discussed.


Organised by the Ikhtisas Committee, the first forum was held on 21st August by fellow librarians as listed below :

a. Puan Haniza & Puan Siti Juryiah – Seminar Amalan Terbaik Perpustakaan, Kota Kinabalu

b. Puan Ratna – Seminar Tadbir Urus Cemerlang Edisi ke 7, Langkawi

The second forum was held on 12th November 2015 as follows :

a. Cik Sutarmi Kasimun on 5th International Conference on Libraries : Openness Paradigm : Emerging Knowledge Ecologies, Vistana Hotel, Bukit Jambul, Penang, 25-26 Ogos 2015.


b. Puan Noorsuzila Mohamad on PNC 2015 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings, University of Macau, 27-29 September 2015.


c. Puan Siti Juryiah on 17th International Conference on Disaster & Emergency Management, Barcelona, Spain, 26-27 October 2015.

d. Encik Mohd Faizal Hamzah on Asia-Pacific Library & Information Education and Practice (A-LIEP) Conference 2015, Manila, 27-31 October 2015 and 7th International Conference on Qualitative & Quantitative Methods in Libraries, Paris France 26-29 Mei 2015.

Light refreshment is served at the end of the forum and librarians then get a chance to mingle and network in a relaxed and casual setting.


Prepared by
Zanaria Saupi Udin
IKhtisas Committee 2014/2016


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