Let’s get moving

Prevention is better than cure. At the last Ikhtisas Meeting, our Chief Librarian, Dr Edzan Che Nasir suggested the idea to walk, jog or run together around the campus. It goes without saying that exercise is the best medicine. There’s plenty of evidence that proves that regular exercise can be more beneficial that any medication prescribe by the doctor. Running for instance can boost the mood and keep the weight under control. It’s not surprising that running is the latest fitness craze, with Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Mcconaughey among the celebrities who love it. Even Mark Zuckerberg has started a year of running this year. He initiated a physical challenge for himself running 365 miles which is a mile a day and at a moderate pace, it’s less than 10 minutes of running per day. Those who need some inspiration may want to read this interesting write up by Kenny Yu; Building Habits, or: How I learned to embrace the suffering and love running

For beginners its best to start off walking with a sprinkle of one or two minute of running interval. As time goes by, as the stamina improves the running intervals can be longer until running becomes a continuous process.

Warming up before a physical activity is essential.


So let’s set aside some “Me time”, put on your Tshirt and jogging pants and get moving. All you need is just a pair of sports shoes.


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