All the buzz about a book


The library organised a book talk with KOMRAD BUKU on 5th October 2016 to promote a book titled “Mentaliti Jamban” by Khairul Abdullah. A blogger who travels and is passionate about photography, Khairil provides an insight into the overall aspect of life, attitude and the mentality of the Malaysian community which has become habitual and difficult to change eventhough it is detrimental to the society. He provided examples from its social etiquettes, driving habits, cleanliness and hygiene among others. The author draws a comparison between Malaysian bad habits and the positive stance from developed countries such as Japan, Germany, Sweden etc where based on his observation, have a better quality of life. He hopes his book will inspire readers who are in their youth to change for the better.




The turnout for the event was good and it seems that contemporary non fiction genre has an appeal to the younger generation. Based on the show of support by the audience, more booktalks of real world context literature would be incorporated as part of the library’s activities to foster good reading, writing and speaking skills while acknowledging and appreciating various literary genres of local authors.

Written by :
Zanaria Saupi Udin

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