Goodbye with a heavy heart, Madam Chua Swee Cheng

After forty years of dedicated service as Admin Assistant at the University of Malaya Library, Madam Chua Swee Cheng has reached her retirement age and will leave us in May 2017. Swee Cheng has worked for the library since 1977 when card catalogues were the practise and part of her responsibilities were to type the entries using a typewriter. Back then, our wooden cabinets and its thousands of cardboard index cards were the primary source to the information searching activities.


Swee Cheng career started at the Main Library when Malaysiana collection took up the space of merely a small room and was otherwise known as Koleksi Melayu. Renamed later as Perpustakaan Peringatan Za’ba, it now occupies a 4 storey building and throughout its expansion and advancement, Swee Cheng has diligently worked for over 20 bosses since its commencement including the reputable Tuan Hj Ibrahim and Prof Zainab Awang Ngah (prior her move to the faculty).

During her tenure, Swee Cheng has assisted the library in developing the Malaysiana conference papers collection and helped in providing basic access to the entries. She did it along with her administrative duties without complain. She put extra time and effort to acquire and process the materials.  Such was her dedication and commitment that she even brought her own devices from home eg external drive, binding equipment and many. Her remarkable characters include her openness and responsive personality towards any change, suggestion, guidance and to take directives promptly and thoroughly.

Swee Cheng said that she would definitely miss the time spent in the library especially the support and positive spirits among colleagues which is like an extended family for her. The library truly appreciates her unwavering dedication throughout her career especially in providing an exemplary service for the benefit of its users and wish her all the best for her retirement years.

We will miss you a lot, Swee Cheng as a good friend and a wonderful colleague!!


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