5 Cool Graduation gifts to consider


Wrapping up a long sought degree, masters or PhD, is an achievement worthy of a big pat on the back and some celebration. And if you are searching for a great, personal and affordable gift for someone special in you life who is in line for the convocation ceremony next week, here are some ideas :

1. A watch
Watch as a gift for some reason symbolizes a turning point in one’s life; it is often a celebration that signifies the end of a chapter, but could also be the start of a brand new story of employment and be part of the workforce. A watch can be smart, stylish and then there’s the added bonus of giving one the complete appearance of a business person who values and cherishes his or her time.

2. Power bank
It doesn’t have to take a degree in physics (or chemistry) to know that the future is all about power. A pocket-sized model with at least 6000–10,000mAh can be very handy as it can deliver more juice to the portable devices. Most models can charge a standard 3000mAh device in around 90 minutes; longer than that is a no go. The power bank’s recharge time isn’t as much of an issue, as you can leave it plugged in overnight, but faster is generally better.power-bank-battery-85872

3. Business card holder
The fresh graduates would be starting their careers and going around collecting business cards from others. So, they would need somewhere to store them. That’s where a business card holder comes in handy. There are lots of cheap options out there but find a perfect holder for the trendy grad who is ready to take on the working world.

4. Books
Books can serve as incredible guides for the real world and thus always appropriate as a graduation gift. Here are some suggestions which are also available in our collection if you wish to browse through before purchasing :

i. Title: Technology and Workplace Skills for the Twenty-First Century : Asia Pacific Universities in the Globalized Economy / edited by Deane Neubauer and Kamila Ghazali. Call Number : LC67.68 P33TEC

ii. Title: Lean in for graduates / Sheryl Sandberg with Nell Scovell
Entering the workforce brings new challenges, and Sheryl Sandberg wants to help guide recent grads through them. This book is filled with advice from experts on interviewing, resume building and even salary negotiating. Call Number : HF5382.5 SAN

iii. Title: Self Made : Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, and Rich in Every Way / Nely Galan. Call Number : HQ1206 Gal

5. Unit trust product
Unit trusts eg. Amanah Saham Nasional or other similar product could be purchased for the fresh graduates as gifts to get them started as they are the better beneficiary of investment in the long run. Investments are long-term projects and it’s good to start planning to build a financial legacy now.

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