Presentation Ceremony of the ‘Royal Professor Ungku A. Aziz : Writing for the Nation Volume I – V’ book

Distinguished guests from The Malaysian Economic Association (MEA) or Persatuan Ekonomi Malaysia (PEM) gathered at Astana Damansara on 15th December 2017 at 11 am to present the 5 volume work on Royal Professor Ungku Aziz. Tan Sri Sulaiman Mahbob, the President of MEA,  commented on the significance of the project as a source of reference for the current and future generation of students and researchers who would not have access to Pak Ungku’s research, philosophy and thoughts otherwise. He also commended Mrs. Khoo’s key role in ensuring the completion of the project and thanked all who had contributed. The project is a special tribute to Pak Ungku for his role in laying the foundation of an institutional reform that has improved the rural community and ultimately led to the basis of national development. The book series was appropriately named ‘Royal Professor Ungku Aziz : Writing for the Nation Volume 1 – V’ and is published by UM Press and only available upon request.


Pak Ungku was delighted that the project was successfully completed within two and a half years of its inception. A delightful tea was then served, meticulously arranged by Cik Normala Kassim. During tea time, various members spoke to Pak Ungku, including Tan Sri Mohd. Sheriff; Prof. Noor Azina, Dr.  Norma Mansor, Mrs Khoo Siew Mun, Dr. Nor Edzan and Encik Adam Wong. Dr. Shamsulbariah spoke of the usefulness and relevance of this Project, which her Centre will take over, as part of the Centre’s continuing research activity.


From left to right : Mrs Khoo Siew Mun (former UM Library Chief Librarian), Cik Pauziaah Mohamed (Acting Senior Deputy Chief Librarian), Puan Ratnawati (Assistant Chief Librarian), Puan Zanaria (Assistant Chief Librarian), Dr Nor Edzan Che Nasir (Immediate Former UM Chief Librarian) and Puan Koh Ai Peng (Deputy Chief Librarian).

The University of Malaya Library was represented by Cik Pauziaah Mohamed, Puan Koh Ai Peng, Puan Ratnawati and Puan Zanaria.

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