The Launching of Preservation Lab

The launching of the preservation lab ceremony was held on 21st August 2019 at the Preservation & Conservation Division, University of Malaya Library and was officiated by the Chief Librarian, Dr Khasiah Zakaria and the Senior Deputy Chief Librarian, Mr Mahbob Yusof.


Dr Khasiah and Mr Mahbob officiating the event by cutting the ‘pulut kuning’

The Chief Librarian, Dr Khasiah Zakaria welcomed guests with an opening speech where she emphasized on the importance of works on preserving manuscripts, rare materials and other valuable items for the benefit of all.


Opening speech by Dr Khasiah

The importance of tangible and intangible cultural heritage can be observed by studying the wealth of knowledge and skills that were transmitted through the items and passed on from one generation to the next.


MC of the day

With the understanding of cultural diversity, the society would be able to foster goodwill among the community as it helps to shape and develop values, aspirations and mutual respect.


A conservator at work

Nasaruddin Saravanan Bin Ramu
Preservation & Conservation Division
University of Malaya Library
August 2019

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