Internal Audit (AKD UM Bil.21/2020) via Online

In view of the ongoing pandemic issue, the University has decided to conduct the Internal Audit via online (Remote Audit) from July to August 2020.

Below was the timeline of the Audit schedule:

Pre Audit – Auditors provided list of docments to be checked to auditees20 – 29 
Documents sent to Quality Management & Enhancement Center 3 – 7
Opening session  10
Live audit via online (Interview) auditor– auditee 10 – 21
Audit Closing Session 26
Part of team who have been working hard over the past few weeks

The closing session was held on the 26th August 2020. The result of the audit found that there was neither noncomformity (NCs) nor weak practices identified as observations. Good job and well done, Library!

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