Honoring Royal Prof Ungku Abdul Aziz Ungku Abdul Hamid

The nation mourned the loss of its distinguished academician, Royal Prof Ungku Abdul Aziz bin Ungku Abdul Hamid who passed away yesterday (15th December 2020) at 4.00 pm. Known to many as Pak Ungku, he was appointed the third Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaya and served the post until his retirement in 1988. It goes without saying that his demise affected the campus community deeply.

An avid reader, Pak Ungku had always been an advocate of the library.

Ungku Abdul Aziz

He authored several publications as follows :

  1. Panduan kursus ekonomi radio / pemimpin, U.A. Aziz, Agoes Salim, Azah Aziz, Mohd. Noor Hassan, Raja Mohar Badiozaman, Arshad Ayub.
  2. Land disintegration and land policy in Malaya / by U. A. Aziz.
  3. Some aspects of the Malayan rural economy related to measures for mobilizing rural savings / Ungku Abdul Aziz bin Ungku Abdul Hamid.
  4. Istilah perkataan jentera (bergambar dan berajah)/ pengator, Ungku A. Aziz ; penterjemah: Ahmad Sulaiman.
  5. Facts and fallacies on the Malay economy.
  6. Zahir dan batin ekonomi Melayu / Ungku A. Aziz.
  7. The development and utilization of labor resources in Southeast Asia / by Ungku A. Aziz.
  8. RIDA dan pembangunan ekonomi Malaya / oleh Charles Gamba dan Ungku A. Aziz.
  9. A regional university for Southeast Asia / by Professor Ungku A. Aziz.
  10. A vision of education in the 21st century / Ungku Abdul Aziz.


A special exhibition on him :


Our heartiest symphathy goes to his family.

16th December 2020

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