Internship experience

I’m delighted to share my experiences as an intern student at the TJ Danaraj Medical Library of University Malaya. I was really impressed by the warm welcome by Puan Zanaria as the Head of the Library on my first day. I was directly introduced to every staff and their roles at the library. Having to work with friendly staff was really exciting and interesting because they all made me feel comfortable and welcome.

My internship experience was truly amazing. We were treated equally and given meaningful tasks which are beneficial for the interns to gain knowledge and learn something new. It feels great to be part of the team and having the opportunities to practice our librarianship skills at the Medical Library. The best part of the internship was where everyone in the Medical Library put their work aside and came together for hari raya ootd, monthly birthday celebration and farewell party for fun and celebration. The time spent working with them is memorable to me. My internship was fun and exciting not just because of the work experiences but the friendly staff, fun activities and the warm group culture that I get during my internship.

Besides the precious learning opportunities that I had, another takeaway was my group of intern friends. Although we work at different library branch, we often gathered during our break. Together, we worked hard and enjoyed each other’s company.

Because of COVID-19, our internship changed and we were told to work from home. I have missed the staff and friends. I was not able to meet them and bid farewell after my internship period was over. Internship opportunities like thesse are rare and you need to take advantage of it. I enjoy my internship period and accomplish few of my goals as an intern student at the Medical Library.

by Pamela Nina Jenius
Internship period: March 2021 – July 2021
Faculty of Information Management, UiTM Rembau

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