Perkhidmatan Pencarian Literasi (Literature Search Service)

Literature Search Service Request Form

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A single search is just the beginning

What is EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)?

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) is an online research tool that “pulls together” almost all of our Library resources so that they can be explored using a single search box. In other words, rather than searching the Library Catalog for books and a database such as Academic Search Complete for journal articles, you can do an EDS search and get results which include books, e-books, journal articles, and government documents in one list. In fact, you could think of EDS as the Library’s version of Google.
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ISI UPDATES – Important Information from the Library

Dear Academics and Researchers

 ISI UPDATES – Important Information from the Library

  1. JCR 2014 is Released

Please take note, after this initial annual JCR release, it will be updated weekly with notes about pending additions or adjustments to the JCR data. Citation metrics published in this new release can be considered official JCR data.

All these changes will be uploaded in the JCR application when the dataset is reloaded later in the year. The data is unlikely to change, but should be considered provisional until the data is reloaded later in the year.
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Malaysian Journals indexed in the Web of Science

The Web of Science (WOS) is a citation database which has 8,718 journal titles indexed in it. To date, only 12 journals from Malaysia have made their way into WOS and this equates to 0.14% of total journal titles indexed.


The following is a list of the Malaysian journals which includes their ISSN and publisher. Two of the journals, namely the Malaysian Journal of Computer Science and the Malaysian Journal of Library and Information Science are from our very own University of Malaya.

  1.  AlShajarah (ISSN 13946870) – International Islamic University Malaysia
  2. Asian Myrmecology (ISSN 19851944) – Penerbit UMS
  3. AsiaPacific Journal of Public Health (ISSN 10105395) – Asia Pacific Academic Consortium Public Health & SAGE Publication
  4. Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society (ISSN 01266705) – Malaysian Mathematical Society
  5. Journal of Oil Palm Research (ISSN 15112780) – Malaysian Palm Oil Board
  6. Journal of Rubber Research (ISSN 15111768) – Lembaga Getah Malaysia
  7. Journal of Tropical Forest Science (ISSN 01281283) – Forest Research Institute Malaysia
  8. Malaysian Journal of Computer Science (ISSN 01279084) – University of Malaya
  9. Malaysian Journal of Library and Information Science (ISSN 13946234) – University of Malaya
  10. Neurology Asia (ISSN 18236138) – ASEAN Neurological Association
  11. Sains Malaysiana (ISSN 01266039) – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  12. Tropical Biomedicine (ISSN 01275720) – Malaysian Society of Parasitology andTropical Medicine

Dr Nor Edzan Che Nasir
Chief Librarian
UM Library
27 March 2015

Complete Suspension of Access to Science Direct

Wed 17-Dec-08; Access to UM’s ScienceDirect has been resumed. Thank you for your patience whilst we were resolving this.

We regret to inform all users that access to the Science Direct database has been suspended completely by the publisher since 17 November 2008 due to non-payment of their 2008 subscription. As has been informed earlier, the subscription and renewal of all electronic journals have to adhere to the full acquisition procedures instituted by the Ministry of Finance. Different categories of subscription prices (i.e. ≥ RM20K, ≥ RM50K, ≥ RM200K, ≥ RM500K) have to conform to relative levels of the procedure and in this instance, Science Direct costs us more than RM1.5 million for a 12-month subscription. In line with the acquisition procedures, we have to go through several entities for approval and up until today, we are still awaiting approval for payment from the Ministry.

Prof Madya Dr Nor Edzan Che Nasir
Chief Librarian