Indian Studies Library: Collection, Service and Facilities

The Indian Studies Library is located on the 4th floor of Za’ba Memorial Library. Indian Studies Library has a total collection of 40,000 titles up to date, which reflects the studies and teaching in Indian Studies field. The library provides collection in Tamil, comprising of books, textbooks, AV materials (cassettes, CD, DVD), theses, conference papers, reference collection (dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbook, etc.), newspapers and journals.

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Low Usage of Library Print Collection

University of Malaya Library spends more than ten million ringgit annually in maintaining and developing library collection. Out of which 1.5 million is allocated for print materials. Annual growth and rise in purchasing cost is tremendous, however is not reflected in the increase in loans. In contrary, circulation rate of print collection is low and declining. Therefore, the return on investment (ROI) is unjustifiable.

The Library conducts annual user survey to gather feedback from users for the improvement of the library.  One of the common feedbacks received is related to collection; “shortage of library collection – both electronic and print collection” and “print collections is not up to date”!! It shows that there is a need for library collection. BUT, Why it doesn’t reflect in the loan rate?

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Perpustakaan Perubatan T.J. Danaraj

Perpustakaan Perubatan ditubuhkan pada 1963 dan dinamakan sebagai Perpustakaan Perubatan T.J Danaraj pada 5 Mei 2005 sempena nama Tan Sri Datuk Profesor Emeritus T.J. Danaraj yang merupakan Dekan yang pertama dan yang bertanggungjawab untuk penubuhan Fakulti Perubatan dan Hospital Universiti (kini dikenali sebagai Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya). Perpustakaan Perubatan T.J. Danaraj terletak di antara Teater Kuliah Gaharu dan Kenanga di Tingkat 1 , Blok Pra Klinikal , Fakulti Perubatan, Universiti Malaya. Perpustakaan ini berfungsi sumber maklumat yang komprehensif dan menawarkan kualiti perkhidmatan dan juga kemudahan untuk memenuhi penyelidikan, pengajaran dan pembelajaran keperluan staf akademik, pelajar sarjana muda, pelajar pasca siswazah dan penyelidik dari Fakulti Perubatan dan juga sebagai keperluan pelajar jurusan kejururawatan, pengamal perubatan dan staf profesional dari Universiti Malaya Perubatan Pusat yang juga merupakan hospital pengajaran Universiti Malaya. Continue reading

Contest Reminder: How do I use the UM Library – Video/Write-up


UM Library Video/Write-up Contest is still On!   RM6000 to be won!!! 

We want users to tell us or show us how they use UM Library by submitting entries in the form of video clips or short write-ups.

To ensure every campus citizen gets the opportunity to submit their entries, the deadline has been extended until April 15 2014. With this extension there is still time to submit your entries.

Selected entries will be posted on various UMLIB social media platforms. For further enquiries please contact Puan Zanaria @ 03-7967 3297 or En Faizal @ 03-7967 7745.

The 2013/2014 Academic Session

Congratulations to all our new undergraduate and postgraduate students and thank you for choosing UM as the university to embark on your academic journey. To returning undergraduate and postgraduate students, welcome back. We do hope that you had a memorable holiday and is now all geared up to face another year and one step closer to your dreams.

The academic calendar for the 2013/2014 session is as follows and do take note of the various holidays:


All the best from all of us at UM Library.

Dr Nor Edzan Che Nasir
Chief Librarian
UM Library
23 September 2013


1. Name of Author

When submitting articles for publication in journals and papers for conferences, it is good practice to adhere to a standard form of name. When other authors cite us, they follow a standard citation style and Malay names will always pose a problem. Chinese, Indian and Western names are easier to handle since they have a family name when compared to Malay names.

For example, previously, I wrote as NOR EDZAN CHE NASIR but now I write under N.N. EDZAN. With the former, I have been cited as follows:


Tracing citings for my various names can be a problem. However, citation databases do establish cross-references for variant names but at times they tend to miss out. So, please establish a standard form of name for which you want to be identified and cited as.

2. Affiliation

This refers to our place of work . Most of us would put in our department and/or faculty and then Universiti of Malaya. Again, please use a standard for of name for our university , i.e. UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA or UNIVERSITI MALAYA. Please do not use UM, U.M., Uni. of Malaya, U. Malaya, UMMC, UNIMAL etc.

Dr Nor Edzan Che Nasir
Chief Librarian
UM Library
4 April 2013