Oral History Project : Seizing the past

The library has embarked on a journey to record and document ‘tacit knowledge’ of its retired scholars; many who are distinguished and reputable experts in their fields. There is understandably a need to gather non-quantifiable knowledge from these individuals before it is gone forever. Such knowledge are normally conveyed by a narrative. A paperwork was then prepared and a fund was secured to equip librarians with skills to conduct the Oral History Project.

A two day workshop was conducted on 8th to 9th April attended by all team members at Janda Baik. The explanations by the facilitators on theories and techniques on conducting oral history had preceded the mock interviews. At the end of the session, a timeline was drafted with a list of prospective interviewees.



The recording, documenting, preserving and promotion of retired scholars’ oral histories are important for the sake of posterity and academic chronicle at the University of Malaya.

The Oral History Team

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