Rejuvenation of 24-hour Study Area

The 24 hour study area of the Library was set up in 2014 to provide a space for students to revise their studies and other types of learning after the library is closed. Not wanting to be a static, sepulchral space, it was rejuvenated five years down the line and given a new outlook. Work involved opening the existing ceiling to provide more ventilation and light comparatively, a neater fittings of aircond and lightings and more seating capacities.


Prior to the renovation, a simple notice was put up asking the students what changes they would like to see at the area. A massive response was received from the students who largely felt that there was inadequate charging points, study tables and chairs and to get the water dispenser fixed.



Due to the urgency of the project as it has to be opened in time for the IFLA Convention, improvizations are limited to provide the area a physically comfortable, vibrant and stimulating space to use for study and research. The followings were agreed upon :

  • Study seating capacity increased
  • A more comfortable and sustainable study environment created by opening the existing ceiling for better ventilation systems.
  • More power points

Before Renovation

After Renovation

September 2018

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